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(2 Therapists Provided)
60 min.

Is a form of Ayurvedic treatments that involves a full body massage with dosha-specific warm herb infused oils. The oil is usually pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions performed by two therapist working in sync. Abhyanga is used to direct AMA (toxins) from the tissue to the organs of elimination. It relaxes the nervous system, nourishes the skin and hair, and creates feelings of groundness and focus. This is a common Ayurveda Tampa locals go to.


Ayurvedic Aromatherapy
60 min

Full body balancing massage with essential oils utilizing the essence of flowers and plants. The sense of smell is a quick-acting powerful means of creating balance. One of the following is chosen for your dosha type: Calming Vata (slow down), Stimulating Kapha (increase metabolism), Cooling Pitta (reduce frustration), Worry Free (soothe your cares away) and Blissful Heart (nourish & balance emotions).


(2 Therapists Provided)
90 min

A form of sweat inducing massage treatment. In this procedure, we use a special rice processed in herbal decoctions and milk tied in a bolus to rub against the whole body. It is a strengthening therapy. It gives nutrition to the tissue which are undergoing depletion and degeneration. The treatment helps in providing unparalleled relief in pain, swelling, stiffness, and improves blood circulation and digestive power.

(2 Therapists Provided)
75 min

One of the most common Ayurveda Tampa treatments is Udvartana. The whole body is gently massaged with medicated powders prepared with various herbs. It results in stimulation of the energy flow in the body, detoxification and nourishment of body tissues, activation of the skin’s natural metabolism and helps reduce body cellulite. The Udvartana massage cleanses and refines the skin structure and give the skin a soft, silky texture and a lustrous glow. A specialized herbal treatment to treat Kapha imbalances (circulatory disorders, body fat & fluid retention)

(Detox Steam Therapy)
40 min

Swedana in sanskrit means “to sweat”. In Ayurveda, Swedana is traditionally done after one receives a full body massage with organic herbal oils. Ayurveda detox steam therapy provides the ultimate detoxification. We use our detox steam therapy in conjunction with detoxifying herbal blends that stimulate the lymphatic system, circulation and movement of body fluid assists in breaking down cellulite of fat deposits that can be flushed out of the system by purging & cleansing the body’s impurities.

Shirodhara (2 Therapists Provided)
60 min

One of the greatest ways of purification and rejuvenation of the body. It involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead. It is an ideal treatment for reducing high levels of mental stress. It induces calmness, promotes tranquility and facilitates relaxation. Shirodhara has been shown to reduce nerves tension, improve memory, nourishes hair and scalp, restore sleep and enhance blood circulation to the brain and mind.

Shiro Abhyanga
40 min

Ayurveda Tampa head massage focuses on head, neck and shoulder, the area’s most vulnerable to stress and tension. This treatment relaxes, detoxifies, de-stresses, encourages healthy hair growth and balances the body, mind and spirit. It will induce a state of calm, peace, tranquility, and promotes high levels of alertness and concentration.

Pada Abhyanga
60 min

According to Ayurveda, the feet contains reflex points that connects to all organs of the body. Even though, they are a hot spot for pain and discomfort, they also serve as an effective site for treatment. Ayurveda Tampa stresses the importance of foot massage and therefore it is essential to strengthen the nerves and restore vitality within the feet. This foot treatment is a healing, detoxifying, and relaxing ritual that will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed.


75 min

This treatment is based within ancient therapeutic principles of Ayurveda. It seeks to promote both harmony and balance in the face by freeing constrictions within facial muscles and connective tissue. Our purifying extractions and nourishing masques along with a massage of your face & neck will restore the balance of the doshas on your skin. In order to customize your treatment according to your needs, we determine your Ayurvedic constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

Kati Vasti
45 min

A highly effective treatment for back pain and spinal disorders. Kati Vasti involves retention of specifically prepared warm herbal oil over the lumbosacral area inside a dam made out of dough for a certain period of time. The hot medicated oils help melt lower spine rigidity and strengthen bone tissue. The treatment also helps to increase the blood circulation. It stimulates and nourishes nerves by relieving pain and numbness. Kati Vasti can be taken as a preventative treatment also.

Greeva Vasti
45 min

“Greeva” refers to the neck region. During the procedure warm medicated oil covers all the vertebrae of the neck and 2-3 vertebrae of the thoracic region inside a dam made out of dough for a certain period of time. The therapy improves circulation, strengthens connective tissue, lubricates the joints and promotes flexibility. It also alleviates stiff neck, sore muscles and upper back aches.


Janu Vasti
45 min

Involves warm medicated herbal oil inside a dam made out of dough over the affected knee for a certain period of time, followed by a skillful massage and fomentation. Benefits of Janu Vasti are pain relief, relaxation of the joint, improvement in mobility and flexibility. Ideally, 7 applications are recommended for the treatments of conditions such as: strains, ligament tears, post-surgical distress, age-related degeneration and sports injuries. Both knees available for an upcharge of $20.

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