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Find the Best Chiropractor Near Me! Learn About Your Joints

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Here at Stout Family Chiropractic, we make a career out of helping all our patients with all kinds of joint pain and other problems. We often take our own bodies for granted, but do you know how amazing our joints are? Joints are where two bones meet and enable us to move our bodies to perform all of our essential survival functions.Taking care of these joints is essential, so we hope you’ll be searching for the best chiropractor near me after learning more about them. If you’re looking for a Tampa chiropractor, we at Stout Family Chiropractic are here to make your body feel its best.


The Parts of Your Joints

Your joints are like machines operating with several intricate parts. Each is essential in helping you move your body effortlessly and painlessly, but there are several different kinds across our bodies.

  • Hinge
    • For a hinge joint, one of the bones will be rounded at the end–or is convex–while the other has a divot for the other bone–concave. These fit together and allow for a wide range of flexibility along one axis. Some examples would be your fingers or your elbows.
  • Ball and Socket
    • As the name implies, one of the bones features a socket-like depression fit for the other bone, which features a rounded, ball-like shape. These are similar to hinge joints, but offer the ability to rotate. Try it with your shoulders or knees and see how you can not only flex back and forth like your elbow, but also swirl them around.
  • Gliding
    • These are a bit more complex. Gliding joints can move in several directions along one plane. Your wrist, for example, features several that slide against each other when moving your hand around.
  • Condyloid
    • Close to the gliding joints in your wrist are the condyloid joints. These allow for bending motions and some rotation ability. They connect your wrist to your forearm, and are also known as ellipsoidal joints.
  • Pivot
    • In contrast to gliding and condyloid joints, pivot joints offer more rotational mobility without the need of gliding joints. Your neck is a great example, as these are what allow you to roll your head around.
  • Saddle
    • A saddle joint is one that features a wide array of mobility in many directions. The key difference with these joints as opposed to others is that there’s no sliding of any joints. The joints in your wrist slide around, but the saddle joints in your thumb don’t, despite the many ways you can maneuver it.


Tampa Chiropractor: The Best Chiropractor Near Me

Now that you have a better understanding of the joints in your body, you might have more questions. Anatomy is a great thing to learn about, and it can give you some insight into what you might be facing if you’re feeling discomfort or pain in any areas. When it comes to your joints, seeking chiropractic help can not only relieve you of this discomfort, but also help your joints stay healthy and strong. For a Tampa chiropractor, seek out the best chiropractor near me: Stout Family Chiropractic. We can help you identify any joint issues you may be suffering from and get you on the path to recovery. For questions and appointments, contact us today.

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