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Should You See A Car Accident Chiropractor After Your Accident?

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The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a car accident. It can be emotionally and physically draining in the moment, and in the aftermath. You may need to take time off of work and figure out any additional medical expenses. Three million people in the US experience an injury from a car accident every year, with two million of them receiving a permanent injury. Depending on the level of your injuries, you may wonder if it’s worth seeking more than a thorough doctor exam after the accident. You may be experiencing little tweaks or pains and aren’t sure if it’s normal after an accident, or how long it should last. Continue reading to find out whether you may need a chiropractor right here in Tampa for your car accident. 

The Car Accident Itself

A big misconception on car accidents is that you only need further medical treatment for the larger, more major accidents. When in reality, you may be more likely to experience soft tissue injuries in minor car accidents, which is the leading cause of doctor or chiropractor visits. Soft tissue injuries that are left untreated can cause chronic arthritic issues in the future. Any time you’re involved in a crash or accident where your body is jerked or suddenly moved can lead to an injury, no matter how low-impact it was. 

Even a fender bender can potentially cause an injury and more than half of all whiplash cases occurred in a minor accident where there was little to no damage done to the vehicles. Seeking medical attention right after the accident can help you discover any underlying soft tissue injuries and get the help you need.

Pain After The Accident

You should always seek medical attention right away after an accident to make sure your body didn’t suffer any ill effects and to help with any insurance claims. Hospitals will check you over to ensure there aren’t any broken or fractured bones, concussions, or other life-threatening injuries, but they may not look at every nook and cranny of your body. Injuries may be overlooked in the initial hospital exams as you may not be experiencing pain right away after the accident. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months for pain to emerge after an accident, in which case your insurance may not cover any additional costs related to chiropractor or hospital visits. It’s always a good idea to visit a chiropractor regardless of whether you’re experiencing pain or not within two weeks of your accident, just to insure that your body is running optimally.

A lot can happen to your body after a crash that a chiropractor can help resolve, such as herniated discs, strained tissues and subluxations. They can carry out a wide range of orthopedic and neurological tests to determine if there are any soft tissue injuries, range of motion difficulties, muscle weakness, structural damages, joint and nerve damages that you weren’t previously aware of.  A chiropractor will assess your individual body’s needs, creating a care plan of future sessions and adjustments if need be. 

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Are you experiencing pain after your car crash? Wondering if your discomfort is something more serious? Contact Stout Family Chiropractic Holistic Center in Tampa to get the treatment you deserve. Ranked as Tampa’s number one holistic center, we have the knowledge and compassion to help you on your road to recovery from any crash. Let us be your car accident chiropractor by contacting us today!

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