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Time For A Chiropractic Adjustment? Your Joints Need It!

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Is your body in pain? Have you taken a walk lately and felt like you were the tinman from The Wizard of Oz, who was in desperate need of oil? Maybe it is time for you to get a chiropractic adjustment. Here at Stout Family Chiropractic, our team of professionals is here to make sure you understand when the appropriate time for an adjustment is. We are one of the best chiropractors near me.


Signs To See a Chiropractor

While most people know it is time to see a chiropractor if they are experiencing back pain, there are other clues to keep in mind. Here are seven signs you should see a chiropractor:

  • Headaches
    • Headaches can be caused by a number of factors, including dehydration, malnutrition, oxygen deprivation, or a misalignment in the neck or spine. A chiropractor can help to relieve headaches and improve blood flow, which will increase the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the brain.
  • Joint or Muscle Pain 
    • If you are experiencing pain in your muscles and joints, your first reaction should not be to get the aspirin out of your medicine cabinet. Your pain could be due to problems with musculoskeletal alignment. A chiropractor is trained to make sure your body is functioning as optimally as possible by using spinal manipulations to relieve pain in your joints and muscles. 
  • Your Job Requires You to Sit for Long Periods of Time 
    • If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, especially hunched over a keyboard, it is not uncommon to wind up with very poor posture. Poor posture puts unwanted pressure on the upper back, neck, and shoulders. The pressure can cause the discs and bones to shift enough to cause problems such as a slipped or herniated disc.
  • Chronic Back Pain 
    • One of the most obvious signs that a chiropractic visit is needed is if you are experiencing chronic back pain. There are multiple factors that can contribute to back pain, such as posture, how long you’re on your feet each day, and the type of work that you do.
  • The Soles of Your Shoes Wear Out Differently 
    • If you begin to notice that the soles of your shoes wear out differently, this is a sign that your body is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. Uneven wear on your shoes is a very reliable indicator that you are experiencing a subluxation in the spine and need a chiropractic spinal manipulation to realign your spine to ensure the problem does not continue and turn into a chronic issue.
  • Limited Range of Motion 
    • If you notice that your arms and legs are not as flexible as they used to be, or if your neck won’t turn as far in one direction or the other, this is a good indication that you need to see your chiropractor.
  • You Were Involved in a Recent Accident
    • Being involved in an accident, such as a car or motorcycle collision, can cause serious injuries that only an experienced chiropractor can help heal. Many chiropractors specialize in car accident injuries and are able to diagnose and properly treat a multitude of different injuries.


Get a Chiropractic Adjustment With Us Today!

Welcome to Stout Family Chiropractic Holistic Center of Tampa. We are a comprehensive state-of-the-art holistic wellness center offering a multitude of whole-body wellness options. A short drive from Brandon, Tampa, New Tampa, and Wesley Chapel, we offer care for you and your family through all stages of life! With the many services we offer, we believe that all health problems can be the result of an imbalanced system, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. A person is healthiest and happiest when their mind, body, and spirit are all balanced and aligned within themselves and their surroundings — skilled in multiple chiropractic techniques including Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression, IQ Impulse Instrument Adjusting, Webster Pregnancy Technique, Pediatric Chiropractic, and LightForce Deep Tissue Laser Therapy System. Stout Family Chiropractic Holistic Center of Tampa has expanded their services to include: Ayurvedic Treatments, Reiki Healing, Yoga Therapy, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Clinical Nutritionist, Acupuncture and Energy Medicine (Frequency Specific Microcurrent). We welcome you to browse our site and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!


Contact Our Chiropractor Near Me Today!

If you are experiencing pain from one of the signs we mentioned above, it is time for a chiropractic adjustment. Here at Stout Family Chiropractic, our team is here to make sure you get the help and care you need. We want you to be pain-free! Conveniently located in Tampa, we are the best chiropractor near me. Call us today for more information. 

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