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A Chiropractic Clinic Explains Texting & Its Implications

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Many people today keep in constant contact with their friends, family, social media, and news all through their phone. Many people also work jobs that require them to use a computer for long hours of the day. While modern technology has many great uses, there are a few negative side effects on our health. Stout Family Chiropractic, a longtime trusted Tampa chiropractor, has noticed an increase in patients with neck and back pain as a result of what has been deemed “text neck”. Learn firsthand what “text neck” is and how to combat it from a professional chiropractic clinic in our latest blog post!

Advice From A Chiropractic Clinic

“Text Neck”, sometimes referred to more broadly as “Tech Neck” is the bent posture used to look down at your phone, computer, or other device. If you only employ this position for short periods of time throughout your day, you’re in no danger. Some people, however, spend hours at a time on their devices, without cease, causing serious muscle strains and pains. In fact, this bent-neck position adds excess pressure to your spine, up to sixty pounds worth. As time goes on, your back and neck problems will only grow worse. Here are a few things you can do on your own to improve your posture and diminish your chance of pains and aches.

Take A Break

We’ll start out simple. Avoid staring down at your phone for long periods of time (hours on end). This can be simply putting your phone away during certain times, or you can use tactics such as calling friends instead of texting them.

Change Positions

You can also break up your time by switching up the way you hold a phone or are sitting to look at your computer. Holding one single position for too long will result in more strenuous strain than mixing up your angles.

Exercises & Stretches

This is something you can do on your own or incorporate as a fun new part of your daily schedule at the office. If your neck is particularly bothered by your texting or computer work, standing up, taking a break and working in some stretches can be key to flexing your muscles and feeling better.

Get Help From Your Tampa Chiropractor

If you find yourself continuing to suffer from the debilitating pains of “text neck”, we urge you to come into Stout Chiropractic for a professional consultation. We’ll readjust your back and neck so that you’ll leave feeling better in no time. Make sure to also ask your chiropractor to demonstrate some examples of the exercises and stretches mentioned above that are beneficial to easing the pain.

As a comprehensive, holistic wellness center, we evaluate all aspects of your wellbeing, bringing you peace in a variety of health issues throughout all stages of life!

Contact Us

Stout Family Chiropractic is a revered Tampa chiropractor, assisting patients in many areas of wellness. We have helped many of our patients overcome “text neck” pain and get back to their everyday lives. Set an appointment at our chiropractic clinic now!

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