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Top 10 Questions to ask your Chiropractor Before Treatment

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Visiting the hospital is never an easy moment, especially when you are a patient. The same thing applies when you have to visit your chiropractor. But how about getting a better understanding of your chiropractic treatment just before your session? We have discussed ten essential questions you should ask your chiropractor before getting started; this could ease your nerves and help you get more informed. If you visit the Stout Family Chiropractic, they will readily answer any questions you might have for your treatment session.


Questions you should ask before your Chiropractic Treatment

  1. What techniques do you use?

Some chiropractors might only be efficient with one technique for your treatment session, and this could be a problem because one method might not be able to address some of your problems.

  1. Will you take an X-ray during the session?

A chiropractor who takes some X-rays before the treatment session proves that he is thorough with his job. This helps rule out any fractures or underlying problems you might have.

  1. Can you give your recommendations in writing?

Recommendations given in writing are beneficial, especially during your recovery period. It will also provide you with time to go home and think through your treatment options before deciding.

  1. What are your credentials?

It is essential to know their training background and credentials to ensure you are getting exemplary service.

  1. What is your current work experience?

Like in any field, several years of experience means the individual has acquired the needed skills, knowledge and techniques to address your issues. They are also well informed on the best cause of treatment to use on you.

  1. Do you offer your patients free consultations?

A professional chiropractor should be able to offer you a 10-15-minute consultation, not an evaluation, of your current condition. This should give you an idea of how they work and feel comfortable using them for your treatment plan.

  1. How many sessions will I need for this treatment?

The exact number of sessions a chiropractor might need is not very clear for the chiropractor. Howevere the physician should give you a rough idea of the corrective care and pain relief to use.

  1. What is the cost of the treatment?

Before starting on any treatment plan, it is essential to understand how much it would cost.

  1. What are your business hours?

It is essential to know the business hours so that you can organize your calendar accordingly. Since it is expected you will have more than one session, you will need to plan yourself properly.

  1. Are you available if I need urgent care?

In very rare cases, you might need some urgent services. Thus, you need to understand better if they are available for this, and how much it would be if it attracts an extra cost.


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These questions should make it easier to understand your chiropractic treatment options and the services you should expect. Get in touch with the Stout Family Chiropractic for a consultation.

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