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Top 10 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

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According to statistics, eight in every ten Americans suffer from lower back pain at one point in their lives. This could result from a sprain due to working too hard, a sports injury, or any other chronic condition like ankylosing, spondylitis or arthritis.

Finding the right pain management clinic for lower back pain relief is vital for pain management. This will include using either prescribed medication or natural pain relief to control the lower back pain. Here are ten options for lower back pain relief;


Keep Moving

When in pain, you probably don’t feel like moving, but this will be the first thing the doctor will recommend when you complain of lower back pain.

The most common misconception is that; when you have back pain you shouldn’t move, but this is not true. A 30-minute brisk walk daily will help you get on your feet, and it can work wonders for your lower back pain relief.


Stretch to Strengthen Muscles

When your abdominal core has strong muscles, it will support your back, plus the flexibility and strength will help with lower back pain relief. Yoga, tai chi, and Pilates are good options.


Always Keep a Good Posture

This will help ease pressure on your back and provide you with pain management for your lower back. You could use straps, tape, and other stretch bands to ensure your spine is in alignment.

Additionally, always keep your head centred over your pelvis and avoid slouching your shoulders or craning your chin forward.


Keep a Healthy Weight

Shedding a few pounds could help lighten the load on your lower back and provide you with some much-needed natural pain relief. If you need help with this, a pain management clinic can give you tips on how best to lose weight.


Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, research shows that you are four times more likely to have a degenerative disk disorder, such as a lower back pain condition. The nicotine in cigarettes and tobacco products weakens your spinal bones, taking away the vital nutrients required for the spongy disk to cushion your joints.

Quitting smoking can have great success with lower back pain relief.


Use Ice and Heat

You might have heard that these two are suitable for pain management and that one is better than the other, but in an actual sense, whichever one works for you would be the best option for lower back pain relief.


OTC Medications

Some non-prescription pain meds can also help with pain management, especially regarding stiffness and muscle aches. The most common are NSAIDs – Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and Acetaminophen.


Use Medicated Creams

Some creams such as ointments, salves, and patches can help with pain management on your lower back. These products contain camphor, menthol, and lidocaine that can either heat or cool the numb and affected areas.


You could use Supplements

It would be best if you got your minerals and vitamins from foods to help with lower back pain management. Ask your doctor about the best supplements that can help with this.


Throw in the Towel 

If all else fails, then you could roll up a towel and use it as a handy pain management tool for your lower back pain relief. Try putting a towel on your pelvis when lying down and then relax to help ease the pain.

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