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Prenatal Massage Tampa Women Love: What to Expect

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Anyone who has ever had a professional massage is aware of the fact that both body and mind can feel so much better after. The same goes for a prenatal massage, which can be a great relief on your body when extra weight and changes in posture create new aches and pains. Read on to learn more about the questions regarding prenatal massage Tampa residents are curious about. Stout Family Chiropractic is a top provider of massage Tampa Florida loves. Our very own, Dr. Pav, is certified in Webster technique which focuses on prenatal chiropractic. Call Stout Family Chiropractic today for your prenatal massage appointment!


Questions About Prenatal Massages


The biggest question many people have is whether or not getting a massage during pregnancy is safe. Maternal massages are typically considered safe following the first trimester, as long as there is a green light from your practitioner and the massage therapist is aware that you are pregnant. However, you will want to avoid massage throughout the initial three months of pregnancy as it may trigger dizziness and add to morning sickness. Despite myths you may  have heard, there is no magic eject button that will accidentally disrupt your pregnancy, and there isn’t much solid scientific proof regarding specific types of massage which may have an effect either one way or the other. Certain massage therapists avoid specific pressure points, such as the one between the anklebone and heel, due to concern that it may begin contractions, but the evidence on whether massage can actually trigger labor is inconclusive. It is a good idea however to not have your tummy massaged since the pressure can make you uncomfortable. 


Prenatal Massage Tampa Trusts


Stout Family Chiropractic, who provides massage Tampa Florida loves, notes that if you are in the second half of your pregnancy, don’t lie on your back during your massage. This is due to the fact that the weight of your baby and uterus may compress blood vessels and cut down on circulation to your placenta, creating more problems than any massage can solve. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that while any massage therapist is able to, theoretically, work on pregnant women, it is always best to visit a specialist who has advanced training in maternal massage. This is the best way you can make sure you are in the hands of someone who knows exactly how to relieve the pain and pressure that comes from a changing anatomy. Of course, it’s important to always check with your practitioner prior to receiving a prenatal massage, especially if you have diabetes, morning sickness, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, fever, a contagious virus, abdominal pain, or bleeding, as they are complications that can make massage through pregnancy risky. The benefits of prenatal massage are also manifold- massage can reduce stress hormones in your body as well as relax and loosen your muscles and increase blood flow. 


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Prenatal massage can be a great and healthful way to relieve aches and pains when pregnant. When it comes to prenatal massage Tampa residents love, Stout Family Chiropractic is a top choice. Call Stout Family Chiropractic for massage Tampa Florida trusts today!

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