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Spiritual Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a type of energy healing that works by transferring positive energy into the body. Energy healing targets the energy fields around the body called “chakras”. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness. Reiki aides relaxation, assist in the body’s natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

Color Light Therapy

Samassati Colortherapy is a graceful way of regaining contact with the natural health within ourselves. First it dissolves the fields of stress, tension, and confusion that are in the body and mind. Then into the person to stimulate the natural resources that are there. Light will turn them on. In the field of light, our resources come back, and with them our natural health, the sanity of our emotions, the clarity of our mind. 

Grace Energy Healing

Grace Healing helps with most any area of your life including health, relationships, emotional, financial, career, and even spiritual issues. Grace Healing is a holistic technique, working on the whole person that you are. Grace energies also assist you in taking better care of yourself and making better decisions in ways that resonate with you, and you don’t have to believe in this energy healing, or practice a particular religion. 

Emotional Energy Release Therapy

Emotional release therapy is an energy healing method that has become widely known as one of the most effective methods for creating quick and lasting change for someone. It involves releasing and overcoming stuck emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, grief and hurt within both the mind and the body. Treating humans and pets. 

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