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Visiting A Tampa Massage Therapist Can Change Your Life!

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More and more people are discovering how effective massage can be in dealing with their body’s regular aches and pains. A Tampa massage therapist will take great care in making your experience calm and relaxing, leaving your body loose and limber. There are great advantages to getting regular massages, especially in the Tampa, Florida area. Stout Family Chiropractic cares about your wellbeing, and provides excellent massage services. 


Stress on Your Body

You may not realize how easily your body picks up on stresses throughout the day, and how easily they transfer to your body’s overall performance. Stress affects your immune system and can potentially suffer significant complications from it. Or you may have pulled a muscle while playing basketball or received an injury from a fender bender, requiring pain management to help alleviate any further or lingering issues. 


All of these incidents cause tension on your body, and can worsen over time, even becoming permanent. The last thing you want to deal with is persistent pain or discomfort, and not being to do anything about it. Almost 48 million people realized this in 2018, receiving about 214 million massages.  


How Tampa Massage Therapists Can Help

If you are new to getting massages it’s important to know there are different types specific to your needs. Swedish massage is typical for beginners, providing more body relaxation. This massage uses broad, long, smooth kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic tapping strokes on the topmost layers of your muscles. It also combines movements of the joints to help relieve muscle tension. If you receive a full body Swedish massage, your back, neck, legs, arms, hands and sometimes the feet and head are massaged, leaving you deeply relaxed while also energized. 


You may have heard of a deep tissue massage; this is similar to a Swedish massage but generally applies more pressure to the movements, helping to relieve problem areas and focusing less on relaxation. This massage targets the inner layers of muscles and tendons, which is great if you’re experiencing muscle soreness or have inflammation.  


If your highly active lifestyle has left you injured, a sports massage may be your best bet. Sports massages generally use more of a deep tissue amount of pressure, helping to release tension and promote circulation. These massages can also benefit you if you’re suffering from any chronic pain. When receiving the massage, you won’t be feeling any pain, more of a release of tension and your muscles pushing back against the pressure. You may experience some soreness a few days afterwards, but this is normal for your body. 


Lastly, if you have any difficulty with your limbs in range of motion, a muscle energy massage may be right for you. If you were involved in a car accident and are going through a pain management plan, it may involve this massage as well. Your massage therapist will typically position you in certain ways. They will then have you contract your muscles or resist the movements they’re performing on your limbs. You will then follow these exercises with a stretch to lengthen your muscles, either the same one going through the exercise or an opposing group of muscles. 


So Many Benefits

If you live in the Tampa Florida area, a massage can have lasting benefits. No matter your reasons for seeking a massage, you will never be disappointed after receiving one. Any massage is highly relaxing but more so with the Swedish style, offering the best in improving your circulation while rejuvenating and relaxing you. Think of all the extra hours you can spend at the beach! Each massage offered can help you with your specific needs and can be performed on a regular schedule to keep you at your best. 


Contact Us

Ready to plunge into the world of massages? Your Tampa massage therapist at Stout Family Chiropractic can help! We offer nine different massages to improve your body’s overall health. Visit our Tampa Florida location, and get the massage of your dreams! Call or stop by today!

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