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Visit A Wellness Center Tampa Locals Trust & Learn Coronavirus Tips For Staying Healthy

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Tens of thousands of people have been infected with the coronavirus, and to date, the disease has killed more than 20,000 people worldwide. Even though the majority of coronavirus cases are not severe, and the number of people affected is a fraction of what the flu does every year, that hasn’t prevented the coronavirus from triggering quarantines, stock market dips, and plenty of conspiracy theories. As coronavirus cases keep spreading throughout the world, it’s important to be informed about the facts and to know how seriously you should take your risk of exposure in order to be proactive. Continue reading to learn more about the basics of the coronavirus and what you should do to stay healthy. Stout Family Chiropractic is a top Tampa chiropractor. Call Stout Family Chiropractic today for a wellness center Tampa trusts.


Facts About the Coronavirus


The type of coronavirus that first popped up on the last day of 2019 is part of a family of viruses that can affect both humans and animals. Conditions as simple as the common cold and as severe as the SARS virus are the result of this family of viruses. Cataloged as COVID-19, this new type of coronavirus is a respiratory disease where “CO” stands for corona, “VI” stands for virus, and “D” stands for disease. If you see the term “novel” used to describe this type of coronavirus, it simply means that it’s now—we’ve never encountered it before. This is mostly an issue due to the fact that scientists don’t have a full understanding of its origins yet, unlike the cures that we’ve developed for more common illnesses such as the flu. There is an incubation period of anywhere from 2 to 10 days for the coronavirus, with the majority of quarantines lasting for 14 days if somebody is suspected of having been exposed or showing symptoms. The incubation period is defined as the amount of time it typically takes for an individual to develop symptoms for an illness. Symptoms of COVID-19 are very similar to the common cold and resolve on their own for about 80 percent of people. However, about 14 percent of cases progress to a more severe state where people have difficulty breathing, and about 5 percent of cases are critical with patients requiring assistance breathing.


A Wellness Center Tampa Trusts


So what should you do to protect your family? The most important thing to keep in mind is to take care of your immune system so that you are healthy enough to fight the virus and to avoid contact if you’re sick. As a Tampa chiropractor, Stout Family Chiropractic offers some tips on how to stay healthy:

  • Get consistent and adequate rest
  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • Make sure to cover coughs and sneezes
  • Wash your hands and keep them away from your face, reducing contact with your face when outside
  • Avoid travel to restricted regions


Contact Us Today


There are certain things to keep in mind throughout the coronavirus pandemic in order to protect your health. For a wellness center Tampa residents trust, call us today. We are the best Tamp chiropractor in the city. 

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